Susan Morelock



Susan Morelock is an artist, researcher, and educator whose engagement with photography, video, and writing begins with what the world presents, then uses beauty and theory to coax the mundane toward metaphor. Read more...


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Blue is an experiment in ritual and collection that began with a pilgrimage to Walden Pond. Instead of the idyllic scenes I had imagined while reading Thoreau, I encountered a tourist trap littered with empty takeout containers and overflowing minivans. After this failed visit to rural Massachusetts, my feelings of lost enchantment grew. I used the act of photographing as a way to draft unrequited love letters to places I wished to travel to, had been fortunate to visit, or could really only imagine. The photographs are at once skeptical, dour, and prone to fits of magical thinking – and the resulting work is a site to wrestle with and resolve tensions between expectation and reality; a place to play in the space of dreams and my imagination. The photographs in Blue long for escape and draw attention the inadequacies and frustrations of description, memory, and knowing.